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Stephen Philips - Irrelevant: My Attempts at Obscurity

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Stephen Philips
Irrelevant: My Attempts at Obscurity
Paperback / 138 Pages


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In this, his second collection of poems, Stephen Philips captures the driftlessness, frustrations, and search for relevance springing from the anonymity of modern life. Diving into the dark waters of deep emotion, the poet observes, reflects upon, and interacts with his own mind, inobservant others, and the natural world in an attempt to answer the questions Am I important? and How do I fit in? Using stream-of-consciousness, wordplay, and heartfelt dialogue, these poems will draw the reader into the poet's world, as he writes So here I am, with paper and pen in hand ready to slaughter the flickering screen and exorcise these demons—my holy crusade— and hope they vanish for good and leave nothing but a blanket of ash on the ground.

(this poetry is best read while listening to ambient music,
and try not to take it too seriously)

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